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the best and delicious pork ribs in bali

The Best Delicious & Tender Pork Ribs in Bali

Serve The Best Delicious Tender Pork Ribs

Sang Ria Grills famous Pork Ribs has been receiving compliments from food experts all around since the beginning. After months of trial and error, our chef has perfected the ribs. Combined with our Sang Ria secret sauce and the tenderness of the meat, we proudly can serve you The Best and Delicious Tender Pork Ribs in Bali. Each portion is accompanied with a choice of baked potatoes or fries, and a delicious combination of cooked vegetables. We invite you to try and taste the magnificent creation of our chefs at Sang Ria Bali.

Sang Ria in Indonesian translates to “The Joyful One”. Our concept at Sang Ria Grill is to provide top quality home-cooked meals. My wife’s love and experience for cooking was the main inspiration for us to open this venue. With our success on Warung Asia, our chef wanted to venture on creating a different style of cooking. Our chef’s creation of our Baby Back Ribs have raised a few eyebrows. Topped with our secret BBQ sauce, our signature Baby Back Pork Ribs will change the way you experience joyful dining in Bali. Our venue is set in a Balinese style atmosphere with a homey-ambiance represented through the prosperous statue of the Dewi Sri goddess overlooking the entire floor of Sang Ria Grill. We hope that during your next visit, you’ll be able to enjoy as the Balinese say: “A true Sang RiaExperience”.